Heres a list of the sessions planned over the weekend, in a general way, fyi. Its open to changing a bit, and presenters/facilitators of sessions will ultimately decide where to put the focus. Sorry it sounds a bit formal on the descriptions, it will be beyond 101 and it actually not be a bunch of university academia at all! lol
Its going to be a bunch of totally kick-ass people from different backgrounds, cultures, and identities, speaking from their own experience. Its gonna be awesome!!!
Theres a few speakers who are yet to be 100% confirmed so we might add one on here and there, so keep an eye out!!

Saturday sessions: (at The Irish community hall)

10am welcome with Kevin Haunui and Tiwhanawhana.

  1. Indigenous feminisms and social movements with Marama Davidson of Te Wharepora Hou, Shasha Ali, and Erina Okeroa who is speaking on The Black Womens Movement in Aotearoa.
  2. Sex workers panel: workers rights in the sex industry, solidarity amongst workers, dealing with bosses, your rights as an independent contractor, being an ally and current issues in the industry with Chanel Hati, Calum Bennachie, and Catherine Healy of The New Zealand Prostitutes Collective, Vita, and Kate Scarlet from Community Law.
  3. Takataapui, Pasifika ways and beyond queer theory with Fetu-ole-moana Tamapeau of the Wellington city pacific advisory group and BOX events, Jaye Glam and Maihi Makiha from NZAF, Kim Mcbreen of He Hoaka and Te Wananga o Raukawa, and Phylesha Brown-Acton of The Pacific Islands Safety and Prevention project.
  4. BDSM, sex, porn and hooking up. This is an R16+ session where we play with sex toys, talk about hooking up, and its mostly fun and funny (plus probably actually its a big serious talk too if thats what people are into). This will be the Saturday evening after dinner, in case anyone is wanting to avoid this session… we know its not everyones cup of tea. followed by:
  5. Feminist porn screening: ‘Lesbian curves’ by Courtney Trouble and ‘Doing it ourselves’ by Tobi Hill-Meyer.

Sunday sessions: (at The Irish community hall)

  1. Tau iwi PoC talk privilege Vs complicity: The idea for this discussion came out of conversations between tau iwi people of colour living in or visiting Aotearoa. We wanted to carry on that conversation with other people to identify and name the ways non-Indigenous people participate in, and are complicit in, structural oppression of Indigenous people, and how to resist and unsettle those structures and settler colonial relationships. This workshop will explore some of these issues with a focus on collective strategies. – With Mengzhu
    This article will be useful to read before coming to the workshop but is not compulsory.  (This is a people of colour only discussion, but no one will question your PoC status. If you identify as a person of colour please come).
  2. Wenches With Wrenches: Wenches With Wrenches is an initiative by the community bike workshop Mechanical Tempest to try and get more people who aren’t cis-guys comfortable and confident with fixing and riding bicycles. We run semi-regular workshop sessions which are open only to ladies and those on the LGBTI spectrum who might be marginalised in a workshop environment due to their presentation of gender or sexuality. This weekend we will be running a short tutorial on basic mechanical skills, answering any specific mechanical queries, and initiating a relaxed discussion on how we can combat the gendering of skills in our community space.With Steph and Ania.
    This runs concurrently with the PoC only discussion (our ‘Unlearning everyday racism’ facilitators had to cancel, but we heard white people like bikes? 😉 and Wenches With Wrenches are AWESOME!).
  3. Intimate partner violence in queer and gender diverse relationships.
    Te Whare Rokiroki and Wellington Women’s Refuge want to work with Wellington’s queer communities to recognise, respond well and prevent intimate partner violence in relationships between queer people.  We’re using queer to refer to people with gender and sexuality diverse belongings, included but not restricted to people who identify as takataapui, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, genderqueer and intersex.  This workshop will be run by Hayley, Eleanor and Sandra from Wellington Women’s Refuge with Mani Mitchell helping to facilitate.

  4. Body politics: food, health, fat, disability, class and moral virtue. Discussing fatphobia, abelism, racism, eating disorders, myths of ‘ethical eating’ and ‘poor people need educating about nutrition’ with Cat Pause, Ali Nissenbaum, Robyn Kenealy, Esther Woodbury and Grace Millar.
  5. Underclass panel: a talk about class and being Māori, about love, masculinity and violence, a look at the relationships between work, mental health and poverty, mental health and AOD service users / tangata whaiora, shame and stigma experienced by people and their whānau who have been in psych units and prisons, what leads people into the “helping professions” and the transitory journey from tangata whaiora to “professional” and how class shapes morals and values – with Nic Dorward, Ruth Amato, and Hana Plant.
  6. Desire as social currency and how desire is constructed around stigmatised and non-normative bodies focusing on trans* experiences. With Dee Dewitt and Wai Ho

♥♥♥ Note: The venue has changed, Saturday and sunday sessions will be held at The Irish community hall, starting with welcoming and intro at 10am Saturday.
The Gig will be held at Bar Bodega.
128 is at the corner of Willis and Abel Smith street, it’s #128 Abel Smith st.

The Irish community hall is at #10 Fifeshire Ave, which comes off Cambridge tce, at the opposite end of Vivian street. This is about a 10-15min walk, depending how fast you walk.
Bar Bodega is on Ghuznee street, between Victoria and Willis. Thats a 5 min walk from 128.
Here’s a map.    ♥♥♥

After dinner hang outs will be at 128 Abel smith St.

Note to white folks: If you’re not attending the WWW bike session while the PoC only talk is happening, please help out in the kitchen, there will be plenty to do 🙂
Same goes for anyone, anytime. If you’re not attending a session, pitch in eh! go the working class! lol
Thanks peeps!!


Saturday June 1st@the Irish hall

Sunday June 2nd@the Irish hall

Monday June 3rd@128








Tau iwi PoC talk privilege Vs complicity@ The Irish community hall *Wenches With Wrenches runs concurrently @Mechanical Tempest Bike workshop (@128)


welcome/intro@(The Irish hall)
Grab a programme, meet each other

Debrief @128 and deal with any big issues that have come up over the weekend


break to gather at the Irish community hall



Intimate partner violence in queer and gender diverse relationships





Indigenous feminisms and social movements


Lunch@Irish community hall

closing the hui, wrapping up and farewells@128



Body politics: food, health, fat, disability, class and moral virtue 

People can hang out at 128 for post-hui socialising and helping clean up 🙂


Sex workers panel




Intersections of class



Takataapui, Pasifika ways and beyond queer theory

Desire as social currency and how desire is constructed around stigmatised and non-normative bodies









Cleaning up the hall together,
Getting ready to party/social time @128


BDSM, pornography, polyamory, and hooking up talk@128





Queer feminist porn screening@128



(quiet time in the sleeping room)

(quiet time in the sleeping room, hui attendees are welcome to come back & socialise downstairs @128 after the gig but the sleeping room is just for sleeping)







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