Safer Spaces

Hey folks, the sleeping and after dinner talks over c.l.i.t.fest weekend will be happening at 128. 128’s safer spaces policy is here. Have a read, and we’ll try to keep this in mind for the other spaces too, especially the part about not making generalisations about minority groups to which you do not personally belong, or defining the experiences of said groups. We’ll all be at c.l.i.t.fest to learn and korero so there will probably be challanging bits, and anyone needing a break is encouraged to take a friend and find a quiet space to chill in, and help themself to cups of tea*.
We’ll all try to remember that we’re coming from different places and we’ll try not to make assumptions about each other, and to be open to saying what we mean, having robust discussions and learning heaps of good stuff!
Big ups for respect, consent, self awareness and self empowerment!

*128 will be open to hui attendees all weekend, and there is a sleeping in the Blue room (upstairs on the right) and lots of blankets in the loft which is in that room so help yourself.
The yellow room downstairs also has sofas and blankets and a fire and heater, and there’s a marquee in the yard with tables and chairs thanks to WCR.
Tea and coffee and milks etc in the kitchen, help ourself to them too.