Drag On

Don’t miss Wellingtons MOST SPECTACULAR GLAMOR DRAG EVENT of the year!!*
Drag On, May 23rd at Fringe bar, doors open 7.30pm, performances start 8.30.


There will be:

  • Drag queens
  • Drag kings
  • Spot prizes
  • Raffles
  • Good tunes
  • Dancing
  • All your friends

You will be there, dressed as A STAR! Shimmering like venus in the early evening sky or twerking like Beyonce and dropping it like its hot. GO FOR GOLD!

Drag On is fundraising for c.l.i.t.fest 2013, $10 waged / $5 unwaged (with student ID/community services card).
Would you care to grace our stage with your dragtastic performance?? Whether you’re a pro-fucking-fessional or you’re just starting out, get in touch with Vaxx Be Dis on FB if you’d like a chance to perform, or email us on transbodyreclamation@gmail.com if you don’t do facebook and we’ll pass it on.
*unproven fact

Big thanks to Dee DeWitt for the awesome sauce poster graphic! Modern day queer sassy Jem would be proud!

Facebook event here.