Talks from c.l.i.t.fest: coming soon!

Hey folks!
So c.l.i.t.fest was amazing, the talks were really inspiring and and we were about 150 people at the talks over the weekend, plus a whole bunch of folks came to hear the bands and watch the performances at Unfinishing School, which were ultra awesome. The whole weekend was really successful and the gig was sweet sauce.
We raised about $900 and had a great time doing it!

The organisers had a wee break afterwards, and are all doing regular life stuff, but pretty soon we’ll have the audio and transcriptions from the weekend talks, and we’ll put up all the photos at the same time and make a proper thankyou to all the wonderful and caring and kick-ass people who helped to make c.l.i.t.fest 2013 happen.
If anyone has any pics of the c.l.i.t.fest weekend which they want to share, you can put them on your Google Drive and share with or chuck them into Drop Box and send us a link to your albums, or I guess email them to us? Cheers peeps.

So, in closing up this wee ‘stay tuned’ rant, here is a link to the inspiring and challenging talk given by Kim at c.l.i.t.fest,  The mātauranga continuum, gender and sexuality.

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