Anyone wanna help out??

For c.l.i.t.fest we REALLY need:

Mattresses! We need a few more, if peeps can drop us off mattresses to 128, to borrow or keep, on either this Wednesday evening or anytime Friday may 31st, that will be a big help, thanks! Ditto for lamps, as we want to keep the fluros in the hall turned off.

Peeps to help do some prep at 128: the marquee needs putting up, tables need to be taken downstairs and set up in the marquee, the kitchen needs a clean up, theres boxes of stuff in the office that need to go into the freebox out the front ..etc. (and 3/4 of the 128 collective are too busy organising c.l.i.t.fest! lol)

People who work in op shops to grab us some plates, bowls, cups, cutlery for 150 people!!! Who can help and how much stuff can you bring ? Drop off to 128 on the friday may 31 or prior is good.

Peeps to come hang out at 128 on friday may 31 and do food prep, chopping veggies and cooking dahl and pasta sauce (for re-heating at the hui).

People to help in the kitchen at the hui!!
There will ba a sat morning shift, sat arvo shift, sun morning shift, sun arvo shift, mon morning shift.
Prep will be done mostly, menu is real simple, its basically cooking lots of rice and pasta in the morning for lunch and reheating sauces and dahl, and on the afternoon shift its mostly roasting the pre chopped veggies and roasting the vegetarian chickens/chickens, and boiling up the Taro.
Folks working the kitchen won’t have to wash up! lol. Plus we will love you forever.

We also need a couple more facilitators, if you have really good facilitation skills let us know. Facilitators need to b able to a. communicate with the panelists a wee bit beforehand/on the day and see if theres anything particular they wanna be asked about b. ask the right questions to keep panellists conversations flowing c. know how to deal with audience Q&A time (keeping time, calling for questions from folks who havn’t spoken yet (shutting up people who talk too much), dealing with offensive questions so the panellists don’t have to (in a way that isn’t embarrassing but just stops that conversation going any furthur) etc etc.
Conflict managing skills.
If you are good at facilitating and interested, please let us know!!

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