We need your support, pretty please!

Hey folks, we need some volunteers for these jobs, we will love you forever!!

  • Cooks [helping on c.l.i.t.fest weekend to prepare one of the meals, or as you feel]
  • Bakers [Are you local? Can you bake us a cake or cookies?]
  • Set up/take down peeps [can you help put up seats at the start and take down seats the end of each day?]
  • Promo peeps [if we send you a link, can you download/print/put up a few posters or flyers for us? We know its getting late for promo, but still keen to get it out there]
  • Drivers [anyone have a van and want to help move the chairs / probably other random stuff on the days? It’d just be at the beginning and end of each day]
    [anyone have a car and want to be available to do last minute pick ups or drop offs?]
  • Mattresses [do you have any mattresses in ok condition which we could have or borrow? Are you able to organise or drop them off to 128 sometime? We need 6-12 more. Single or double/queen fine. Foam mattresses ideal as we’re carrying them upstairs!]

Please fill in this form letting us know how you can help out! Thanks so much everyone! Y’all are awesome and its so nice working with such fantastic crews.

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