Clitfest is ON peeps!

C.L.I.T.fest looks set to rock this queens birthday weekend, which being in June isn’t far away.

We are a small, disorganised bunch, and have a haphazard and last minute way of pulling everything together, so your input means everything!!!
Please check out our ‘About’ page and let us know if you are interested in giving a talk, leading/facilitating a discussion, or any other format of addressing any of the topics mentioned, and if you have particular skills or experience.
We have some people in mind for some of them, and want to prioritise people with lived experiences of and good insights into whatever the topic.
We will be totally fussy about who does what, but there are a million things that go into organising something like this; from workshop presenters to cooks, bands to poster designers, theres printing and flyering and picking people up and writing funding submissions and press releases and being a contact person and being a babysitter and moving furniture around and helping to make people feel at home, writing minutes to calling caucuses and noticing the things everyone else forgot.
If you are interested in helping out in any way and are reliable with following through, email transbodyreclamation [at gmail dot com].

Yay everyone, lets get excited!!!

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