Brainstorming party! (AKA meeting/discussion)

So right now this is very early days, 3 of us are trying to gauge interest/get this happening!  So, I’m wanting us to get together and have some yarns!
I’d be keen to discuss/brainstorm what kind of discussions and workshops might be good, who might be good people to have present/lead discussions/facilitate etc, what clitfest might look like and how that might happen.
Its also an opportunity for people to put their hand up for running something, organising something, or being part of a clitfest organising committee.

Clitfest 2009 organisers (of which I was one (a very clueless one! lol) raised some funds but had to abandon plans for clitfest 2009 due to unforseen circumstances, but there is *some* money available to do it in 2013… there are some important conditions to using this money such as accessible venues and childcare etc (to be posted up here or brought to the discussion).

Some of crew fromThe BOX collective are keen to organise the main gig at Emperors Bath House  (including awesome PoC talent Melting Pot Massacre, Fantails, and Trixie from Badd Energy), and Trans Body Reclamation Project  are suggesting that perhaps we could  fundraise toward getting modular ramps installed at 128 (with hopes for getting all the different groups working from 128 and maybe even other groups on the radical left such as WYFC to hold fundraisers for the same objective).

If you are keen to come discuss stuff please reply to the message inviting you here.
This page hasn’t been advertised anywhere and just for now it would be super rad if you  shared it with others who might be keen to have input but didn’t post it on facebook or anything till its a bit more organised.. there will be time to ask for feedback/input/make general callouts after the brainstorm.

Maybe saturday 23rd of feb at noon for brainstorm discussion at 128? (because its quite accessible, central and free)?

Feedback please!!!

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2 Responses to Brainstorming party! (AKA meeting/discussion)

  1. Kat Upenatem says:

    Support this, and would like to offer some support / help where possible, difficult travelling in to town at present… put me down as a backup support if u like? sorry can’t make the discussion sat (tomorrow) at noon, love yous heaps and love clitfest!!! (always wanted to go.)

  2. Hi all, really excited about this event and would like to offer my commitment to planning a fundraising event to help this all become a reality. Rouge (or whoever is checking this) can you email me and we can get something started? I’m very much looking forward to the tau iwi/PoC discussion.

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