c.l.i.t.fest! June 1-3, Wellington.

c.l.i.t.fest is a (trans* and cis) women centered, DIY feminist festival which is open to people of all genders. Its about getting different minority groups and our allies together and understanding each others stuff, so we can work together, play together, and support each other. We will be having a variety of panel discussions, some presentations and workshops, as well as a huge gig with some hella rad bands and DJs on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd of June 2013 in The Wellington CBD/Te Aro, Aotearoa.

We are against gendered discrimination, against misogyny, against racism and against all oppressions. We are here to Combat Latent Inequalities Together!!!!


Clitfest is being held in Te-Whanganui-A-Tara, Aotearoa/ Wellington New Zealand this June 1st, 2nd, 3rd. There will be (limited) accommodation available for weekend attendees from friday May 31st at 128 (sleeps about 25, please let us know on your registration form if you need a place to crash). Check out the VENUES page for more info.

  • All venues are wheelchair accessible
  • Childcare subsidies will be available (we are working on providing childcare too, let us know what you need on your registration form)
  • Meals provided (let us know on your registration form if you have particular food requirements)
  • 10-15 mins walk (along Vivian st is easiest) between The Irish hall and 128, Bodega is between the two venues, 2mins from 128 on Ghuznee st.

The BOX Collective are collaborating on the official c.l.i.t.fest gig, at Bar Bodega, including 7 bands (both local and AKL and even one from the UK!) and two DJs and a skit about nonverbal consent. Check out the gig page for details.

The c.l.i.t.fest weekend sessions/talks will cost $10-$30 for the whole lot, as you can afford, and the gig will be priced seperately at $10 unwaged, or $15 waged.

We are fundraising for Trans* Body Reclamation Project to improve accessibility at the 128 Radical Social and Resource Centre, so if you can afford to give more please do.
Bank Details: 38-9009-0094139-00
We really appreciate your generosity! Including all the skills, time, energy, and insights y’all bring.
The robust korero, personal experiences and willingness to share our vulnerabilities as well as our strengths is what makes a hui eh, so thank you all heaps for being so fucking awesome.

Nga mihi,
c.l.i.t.fest crew

Ps, remember to familiarise yourself with our safer spaces policy, theres one on this site and our c.l.i.t.fest specific one will be printed in the programme so empower yourself by having a read ❤
And yup, there will be a quiz

NB 2018 update: this group no longer exists, but if you would like to check out another awesome project started by about half of this crew, visit Gender Minorities Aotearoa by clicking here.


5 Responses to c.l.i.t.fest! June 1-3, Wellington.

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  3. Jac Lynch says:

    I’m up for helping out in the kitchen if there’re plans to feed folk so give me a yell if you want a hand.

  4. Rowan McArthur says:

    Kia ora. I am a member of the international socialists and am attending clit fest. I was hoping that we could set up a stall with our pamphlets about fighting for women`s and LGBTI liberation in a capitalist society today. I look forward to hearing back to you.

  5. Scarletcd says:

    i,m goin to the after party, check me out there, i,m a rager lol

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